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Ear Kit
Ear Kit

Ear Kit

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I have paired both of these products together for maximum ear health.  Alternate the two for ear infection relief.  .


Herbalish Mullein Garlic Oil was designed to help soothe the ears, throat and help with allergy, strep throat, ear ringing, ear infections, wax buildup, swelling, dryness and pain.  

Suggested Use for Earache Relief:  Apply 3-5 drops of the Ear Oil into the affected ear and plug with cotton repeat this process with Colloidal Silver 30 minutes later.   Repeat every 3 hours or as needed.   

Ear Oil 1 ounce Glass Dropper Bottle.

Ingredients- Garlic Cloves, Mullein & Olive Oil 


Colloidal Silver 4 ounce Glass Dropper Bottle

Ingredients- Reverse Osmosis Water & Silver



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