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C Pack

C Pack

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This is the pack that most of my flu (and the recent virus) clients use.   Below is a list of things that will be in your C Pack   

1- 32oz ImmuniTEA.  FAST ACTING.  EXTRA STRENGTH!! This isn’t your usual tea.  I brew it down to 32 ounces of really strong concentrated tea.  It has been my most effective method of knocking out the sickness.    Helps with Colds-Flu-Viral Infections.  Even the C word...   

1- 16oz Cough/Decongestant.  This syrup is the perfect expectorant and decongestant & has been used for centuries by traditional and indigenous peoples for health.  My recipe has been passed on for generations and just amplified by my creativity & dedication.  I made it more potent and flavorful!  This is great for dry or wet coughs, congestion, lung conditions or sore throat.  The star of the show is Onion.. yep, onion.  But, it doesnt taste like youre eating an onion.  It taste like honey, cinnamon and orange!  Its so good! 

1- 2oz Breathe Balm.  Even if you cannot smell right now.. you'll be able to smell this amazingly smooth and potent balm.  This will help with congestion in the chest & head.   Its also multifunctional.  It helps heal up pimples or infected hair follicles and also great for relaxing sore muscles.

1- Nasal Spray.  Relieves sinus congestion, sinus drip and inflammation.  

1- Throat Spray.  This spray is perfect for coating a sore or scratchy throat.  It promotes Sinus, Throat, Bronchiole and Lung Health. 


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