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BABY Cough/Decongestant (11 months & younger)

BABY Cough/Decongestant (11 months & younger)

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FOR BABIES UNDER 11 MONTHS.  Or for those of you who cannot have honey... 

If you're struggling with dry or wet lingering cough, sore throat, RSV or congestion.. this is a must have for you!  This syrup has been the talk of town and has helped hundreds of people.  I've had clients who suffer from lung conditions for years but quickly relieved thanks to my Herbalist formulated cough syrup.  It's all natural with no side effects, very powerful but taste so amazing that my kids fake a cough to get it.  


Raw Blue Agave, Raw Onions, Cloves, Ginger, Slippery Elm Bark & Cinnamon Bark

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