Sleepy Magnesium Tallow Butter
Sleepy Magnesium Tallow Butter

Sleepy Magnesium Tallow Butter

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This sleepy tallow is not like most!   My tallow is Herbalist made with raw ingredients, real infused oils with real herbs.   This is my sleepy, super hydrating and nourishing butter; excellent for restless leg, supports normal bone and muscle health, specially formulated to slow sensory activity and quieten the mind, helps maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, fall asleep faster & great for magnesium deficiency.   Your skin is your largest organ and one of the best ways to truly absorb your minerals.   90% of Americans are deficient in magnesium which can cause several issues. Most people now days do not hesitate to take artificial melatonin but taking that can actually lower your bodies natural production of its real melatonin!   I would absolutely try this instead.   Made of only Grass Fed Tallow, Magnesium, Frankincense Resin, Holy Basil, Raw Shea Butter, Reverse Osmosis Water & Beeswax    -Tallow has also been used for small wound care for its restorative properties, clarifying skin and to give skin that hydrated and glowing look! -Holy Basil has been known to ease anxiety, calm the mind, help with inflammation, alkaline the body, protect the heart and nourish the skin just to name a few!  -Frankincense relieves stress, promotes good sleep, helps with inflammation, nourishes the skin and helps prevents acne, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, balances hormone levels, boost your immune system & helps with digestion.   Each jar is handmade by me in extremely small batches.   Larger jars available for those who have a large area to cover! 


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