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Whipped Calendula Tallow

Whipped Calendula Tallow

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No added essential oils for the most sensitive of skin.. especially babies   

An all over, lightly whipped, super hydrating and nourishing butter; excellent for eczema, skin rashes or diaper rash, baby acne, super dry & irritated skin.   Made of only Grass Fed Tallow, Olive Oil & Calendula Flowers for extra soothing medicinal powers.  

This is wonderful for your face as well. Apply & massage a nice layer before bed and wake up to a very nourished, glowing face.

Pure Tallow has a noticeable scent, as do most animals fats, and the strength of the smell will vary from one batch to the other. This is unrefined, fresh Tallow that has not been chemically deodorized (to protect the nutrients and integrity) and the aroma can change from animal to animal, season to season.  

Tallow- This is the key ingredient. This Tallow is Pasture raised and Grassfed! I am a big believer in Ancestral Traditions and Practices. Before manmade chemicals hit the mainstream market, our ancestors would use Tallow to nourish and moisturize their skin. It’s high in vitamins A, D, K & E & fatty acids which provides the foundation for absorption.

This is a super dense whipped butter with no water or fillers so a little goes a long way. This will last years due to no liquid/water ingredients. 

Tallow has also been used for extremely dry patches of skin, small wound care for its restorative properties, clarifying skin, rashes, and to give skin that hydrated and glowing look!

Each jar is handmade by me in extremely small batches.  Size 2oz